How to track stolen laptop by mac address

Also, if they were going to steal it to sell on eBay, they would format it right away as well. Also, if they were going to steal it to sell on eBay, they would format it right away as well You're assuming someone who's dumb enough to steal is smart enough to clean it first, ever watched COPS? That's just the point Easier than removing all instances of a serial number.

If she doesn't change the MAC address its quickly pointed out, if she does then you point out that MAC addresses can easily be changed. Sure, by someone who knows how. Go ask the average person on the street what a MAC address is. Let me start over. A serial number, on the other hand, will be referenced in an invoice, a PO possibly and will be retained by the vendor, and linked to the customer they sold it to. That is a much more verifiable and documentable proof of ownership than a MAC address.

MAC addresses are useful for one thing: providing unique addressing for hosts in the same broadcast domain. Don't try to use them for anything else They can change. They may NEED to be changed. While I can't offer any more advice than what has already been given I can offer you some comfort in the fact that it is possible to find stolen machines again. I can't find the article , but a google search reveals several stories in the titles Still, if a former employee has a laptop with a MAC address on the built-in Ethernet card that matches the MAC address recorded for that laptop in the company's records, that does strongly suggest that it's the same laptop.

The serial number is more unique, but by that logic how are you going to show that the manufacturer didn't screw up and ship two systems with the same serial number? Most corporate line PCs for some years now have stored the serial number somewhere on the motherboard. I assume it's in the BIOS somewhere, and it's not normally flashable, but I don't know that it's impossible to flash.

Finding the owner of a MAC address isn't so straightforward

It's not necessarily that easy to change the MAC address. The copy in memory is the one actually used on the network, and it can easily be changed with the right driver. MAC addresses are mostly unique, although vendors do reassign them. Of course, if the NIC is removable e. I do agree with Frennzy, however, that the best thing to do would be to keep track of the serial number of the machine.

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I know www. The client flushes the buffers every so often, and whoever stole it didn't know to shut it down. Yeah, not much to addhere but your laptop is gone.

How to track a missing/stolen laptop (free)

The only way to trace a MAC is to have access to the logs of every connection that the laptop has made to get from point A to your point B. Because every time the MAC goes through a switch, router, or gateway There are future things you CAN do, however, if anything, to annoy the thief and keep him or her away from your data. This stops a lot of people cold. But of course, if they know how to open the case, which jumper setting to use, they can override this.

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  • I saw on Freshmeat forgot what it was called this project where someone has a boot partition that kind of acts like a BIOS password. In this software, it boots to a dos-like screen, that asks you to enter in a password before it will boot to your OS. Again, a good fdisk wipe or bootable CD will render that useless. Again, fdisk or bootable CD Make it really hard.

    can anyone help to track my stolen leptop by serial no. ip adress or mac address

    On the other hand, there's also the issue that a crook just will sell it from the back of his trunk, and let the new buyer deal with it. Someone I know got his desktop this way years ago, from "some guy in my apartment complex. But after a good fdisk, they were just normal i machines. I wanna know more about this one. Laptop stolen - Any way to track a MAC address? Or maybe it lists it by IP address which you also likely do not know. Thanks, But I could not get my MAC address because there were too many laptops connected to the router with same model number. What could be the possible reasons?

    Don't feel like you are singled out. They don't register anybody's MAC address.

    MAC addresses travel only so far, usually

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    HP Recommended. Product: Probook g3. Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 bit. Reply 1 I have the same question.