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Pokémon Ruby Rare Candy and Master Ball Cheat Code

Sometimes, you can notice that if you walk in between two trainers, you get into double battles. Well, to avoid that, just talk to one of the trainers. Make sure you talk to him from the side. Doing this will get you into a single battle. Then go to the other trainer and get into another single battle. It takes longer, but it's handy if you're like me, who raise only one Pokemon.

Note: if both of the trainer's sides are blocked off, you can't do this trick. To get or evolve certain Pokemon you need a certain time of day. To get to this time of day you go to your DS clock and change the clock to the time you want it to be. Now you can get or evolve these Pokemon with ease.

When encountering wild pokemon, and throwing any Pokeball at it, if you say "Gotcha" into the microphone in the middle of your Nintendo DS, it will double the catching rate. After you defeat Cyrus at Mount. Coronet return to lake valor to capture Azelf one of the legendary mirage Pokemon. Azelf is level 50 and is also the easiest to catch out of the 3 legendary mirage Pokemon. But as I was saying when you get to lake valor surf to the middle and you'll notice a cavern - go into it and Azelf will be in there. Save before you go into battle because if you faint, it's gone for good.

Have plenty of dusk balls ultra balls and a bunch of great balls. When Chatot reaches Lv. Speak into the Mic and press "B" when finished this will be come its battle cry and you will hear it when you use chatter in battle. There is a secret hidden lake only unlockable after getting the National Pokedex. If you look closely at the map, you'll see what looks like an empty square near Lake Valor. PS: You might need to look up research on it at the Canalave city library before it will be available for capture. In Solaceon Town, go to the house next to the Pokemon Center.

Talk to everyone in there. One of the people will ask you to bring them a Pokemon to look at not to keep. Do this. Take it back to the person and then they will give you three random free pokeballs. When you go to Pal Park, they'll give you 6 pokeballs. You can catch pokemon from the system you put in. I put in Emerald and I caught a lvl 40 Swampert. After You beat the fifth Gym, go to the sailor and tell him to sail to Iron Island. Then you meet Riley and he has a Lucario. When you and him beat the Galctic Grunts he will give you a Roilu egg.

Also Roilu evevoles at Friendship evolution so feed it poffins don't make him faint and give him massages in Veilstone City.

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Here's the Sinnoh Elite Four's weaknesses and Pokemon. Mime, Medicham, Alakazam, Girafarig, and Bronzong. Cynthia's weaknesses are Lightning, Fire, Physic and Fighting. After you beat the 5th gym leader in diamond go to a foggy lake, then use defog you should be able to get this HM sometime after beating the 5th gym leader just keep looking for defog if you don't get it after beating the 5th gym leader after you use defog in the lake cross it after that a man will have a briefcase - he will either give a riddle or a question to solve before he battles you depends on which game you have NOTE: You must answer the riddle or question correct if you want Lucario.

After you answer the question or riddle correctly he will battle you, If you win, you will get Lucario. To get started you'll need the three things: 1 Sweet honey, can be obtained by buying it from a man around the flower field around Floaroma town or by having a Combee already in your party. What you need to do is go up to a golden tree, use the sweet honey, and wait a couple of hours or until the tree shakes.

When you are in Eterna Forest, someone named Cheryl will ask for locating the exit. She'll heal you're Pokemon before another battle, and she has a Chancey so that means double the wild Pokemon. I caught a Bunery with her by my side. If you go to sunyshore city, go to the far east side. Go into the building and go up the stairs to the hallway. Go to the room just to the right of the middle door. The first time you go in a guy in the room to the right of the room your in. You won't find him again, ever.

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They follow you ,too, if you go to the middle room. The good thing to this creepy room is that you can catch Gengar and Haunter. On your way to Snowpoint City, you travel through the snow. About half way there you'll find a house. When you go in there's this lady. She'll give you a spell tag. If you leave and come back, the lady won't be there anymore. When you open your badge case while veiwing your trainer card, tap on your badges, and they will play a musical note!

You're shining your badges! And, in the lighthouse, you meet Volkner, the City's gym leader. But, there is one more important person in this town. Many cheat code websites have codes mislabeled or plain wrong, without noting which region and revision they are. But it doesn't tell you this in the UI! OpenEmu currently has no way of saving cheats — any codes entered will be lost as soon as you leave the game. Improved cheat-code functionality potentially including a built-in database of codes is planned for a future version of the application.

Skip to content. Dismiss Document your code Every project on GitHub comes with a version-controlled wiki to give your documentation the high level of care it deserves. Sign up for free See pricing for teams and enterprises. User guide: Cheat codes Jump to bottom. Finding cheats A good resource for finding cheat codes is GameHacking. Adding cheats To add a cheat code, you must be running a game. Raw Address:Value cheat codes 11, 13 or 17 chars including the colon.

What doesn't work? Action Replay v3 codes these are also 16 chars, minus the space. Perhaps they may one day make a device that can handle multiple ROM-write codes, but until then, they are only usable via the emulator. Note: They're Type 6 GSA, meaning you have to reload the cartridge to nullify they're effect,resetting won't help. Report any errors to the address above.

Also note that they may be labeled wrong. I'll try and correct them when errors are reported. Note : This code works ONLY when you use items, not when you move them put in the computer or sell them If you use this code, Nintendo might know that your game has been hacked if you get more than one unique item. Now you just have to make a change in the pokedex option to see the old pokedex: while in the Pokedex, go in the menu of the Pokedex press select , then choose "Shift", select "Mode", and choose "National Dex".

With this code on, Mirage Island will always be on route A - An island that appears on Route It is full of Wynauts. A - A big mistake We were wrong, and we admit it. It seems that a random number is computed each day, and if this number match one of your Pokemon number, Mirage Island will appear. If the number is really random we're looking into that , that means your chances to see Mirage Island is divided by the number of Pokemon you have.

Q - So, now, how do I go to Mirage Island without cheats? I think you must have finished the game for the 1st code to work or at least that you must have gone far enought, so you can already take the boat to go to battle tower or other places. But he doesn't appear in 1 tile of water, but in 1 to 6 tiles and he'll be the only Pokemon you'll find in this these tiles. Your position when fishing does not matter, it's the tile in which you are fishing that is important the one that you are facing. The location of Feebas is random.

When you create a new game, the game Computes some random numbers. One of these random numbers will be used as the "seed" of the hinbasu tiles other number will be used for the Trainer ID, secret Trainer ID The game takes that number, and applies an algorithm to it, so it can create 6 numbers that will always be the same with this seed.

And with a different seed ie a different game , these 6 numbers will be different. Conclusion : Feebas's tiles are random. There can be from one to six tiles. With this Type 6 code, Feebas will appear everytime, on every tile of water of route It allows you to walk over any obstacle like trees, houses, rocks, and to walk on water. With this code, you'll still be able to interact with the game enter doors, talk to people, take items, etc The two things you can't do are : -walk directly from ground to water and water to ground.

To do this, you need either to use the SURF move, or to walk from ground to water from an unauthorized place like walk on a tree and from there walk on the water, or if you are on the water, walk on a rock and from there walk on the ground. Each map each route, room, etc With this code, you'll be able to move anywhere within that rectangle, but you won't be able to cross its limit unless you enter another map.

That means, for example, if you enter a house, you won't be able to walk in the "dark". But anyway, there is nothing in that dark : GSAA1. Enter this Type 6 code, and look at your trainer card. It could be a bit messy it might even make the game crash! If it does, you can use the 2nd set of codes , but it'll display your secret Trainer ID instead of your regular Trainer ID. After that, write down this number, and turn the code off switch off your GBA.

How To Apply Rare Candy Cheat in Pokemon Ruby

For now, knowing your secret Trainer ID has no useful purpose. And, who knows, maybe more! If the 1st code makes your game crash, here are 2 other Type 6 codes that will work perfectly but require some calculation. Write down the Trainer ID numbers that are displayed. Do the same thing with the 2nd code. Now, open windows calculator or any tool that can make decimal-hexadecimal conversion. Enter the 1st number as decimal, and convert it to hexadecimal. You should have 4 numbers A-F are numbers in hexadecimal. Write down the 2 1st numbers if you have A, take A1. Do the same thing with the numbers you will get with the 2nd code.

Now take the 2 sets of 2 numbers you just wrote down, and enter them in windows calculator as hexadecimal numbers in the order you wrote them down if you had A1 and B5, enter A1B5 , and convert this number to decimal : you have your secret Trainer ID. Once all these codes have been entered, your Trainer's Eyes will be completed 69 Trainers registred. Not 5, 4. There still might be a very slim chance that I missed something, and that the last star could be obtanaible using the Link cable, but I seriously doubt about it With these code, you'll have finished the game in 15 minutes.

With this codes, you'll have beaten the Battle Tower times. These codes will do the trick. Use the codes at section 1. Line 1 : First Hall of Fame. Without it, this FAQ won't ever exists. Keep up the good work! He found several mistakes and also for his contributions to the FAQ. Many people wanted to fix the Porok game! Hacks also found by pokemonhacker. Also found a code to turn them off!

Use them at yourown risk.

You can save sfter removing the code, and as long as you re-opened the ROM, the effect should be gone. I've tested it and it works! Quick level up code GSAJ3. First we'll need some master codes: These master codes are from www. Here they are in their origional post. Item codes for 1st slot of main pocket 1st slot in main pocket 99 of item code EBD DE5A2 Now we begin the long list of item codes for the first slot. C 19F9B 03B???????? ED1 D 05C???????? A 33C 0E9???????? AED37 0F0???????? Enter these before trying the porok game at the contest houses, and no matter what, you will get 99 at the end for the stat and finish first.

Now you just have to make a change in the pokedex option to see the old pokedex.

12345678 12345678

If you speak japanese, go in the menu of the pokedex press select , then choose "Kirikae", select "Mode", and choose "Zenkoku Zukan". If you don't speak japanese, do this: Press select while in the pokedex, then go right, press A, go down, press A, go down, press A, go down, press A. To have all entries, enter all these codes and also unlock the full pokedex with the codes and instructions above. You now have all pokemon, caught and seen. You might need a Master code to use them. Use only one of them at the same time.

That means you'll encounter always male Kimori, or always female Bulbasaur it'll be different for everyone. Moreover, the traits should still be random. Note 2 : When your learn a move using these codes, the current PP of the move can be wrong. For that reason, I changed all plurals of pokemon, to that form. Q - What is Illusion Island? Q - How do I make it appear? Q - Can you be more precise? A set of these random values, also known by some people as the MAP, are used to compute the gender, the traits, the shinyness, and the way the data of the pokemon are written.

To check if Illusion Island will appear, the game looks at the MAP, and checks if its last 4 numbers the MAP has 8 numbers, from 0 to 16 0 to F in hexadecimal are set to 0. If it's true, Illusion Island will appear.

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A - You can't tell exactly, but you can have one hint. Q - Huh? The value from which the gender goes from female to male is called the gender breakpoint. Round it down, and you'll have Machop's gender breakpoint value : A - This is not yet known, but it's doubtful. A - It sets the values that are checked to see if Illusion Island will appear, to 0s. Turn off the code when you arrive.

But he doesn't appear in 1 tile of water, but in 1 to 6 tiles, that can only be accessible by surfing. The location of hinbasu is random. When you create a new game, the game computes a serries of random numbers. But with a different seed ie a different game , these 6 numbers will be different. Conclusion : hinbasu tiles are random. With this Type 6 code, Hinbasu will appear everytime, on every tile of water of route But anyway, there is nothing in that dark : Have fun! Route codes These codes modify what you can encounter on route They can modify the species and level range of your encounters.

At the time of this writing, All testing I can do from my PC, proves that these codes work, however, there is still the chance that they won't work on your actual Gameboy Advance with the actual cartridge. You'll have to test them for your self. Try them with and without the master codes the first ones at the top if you have problems.

You have to enter all They can't have spaces. The description is unimportant and unnecessary. You shouldn't need the master code unless you use a real GBA. All the codes should say "E" or "EF" in the list to show that they are Enabled Once entered, go to route and when you enter a random battle, it should be against the pokemon you want.

You can also change the level range of the pokemon with the level range codes. Just be sure to enter all All 12 must be active for the species to show up. Add another 12 for it to show up in the level range you want. Activate the master code as well on top of all that if you have problems. If you still can't get them to work, make sure you entered them correctly. For emulator users, remove the spaces and also remember that GSA codes are written in Hexadecimal so don't use "o", "O", or "Q" in place of "0" Zero. They have been fully tested on VisualBoy Advance version 1.

Make sure you have this version or higher if you are using these codes on an emulator. Make sure all "ingredient" blocks are numbered the same way.

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Now make a block of 12 codes using codes from each of your ingredient blocks, but make sure that your new list of codes is numbered without re-numbering any of them. Why must you do it this way? Because each individual code in the 12 code block is meant to affect 1 of 12 possible encounter options on Route , but a specific code will only affect it's specific corresponding slot. If you put 2 codes that affect the same slot in diffierent ways, in the same block, the codes will conflict with eachother and cause problems.

Say you want to find 3 different pokemon: Take the 12 codes for each species and number them each Each block has 12 codes and you number them in the same order for each block. Species 1 1. Example: Good 1. He posted the template from which these codes are based. Quick level up code PARJ3. A wierd glitch I found is that sometimes pokes who didn't fight will get the experience points instead and will start leveling on their own B6CA 08BE8FF4 Another note: This code will keep adding 25, exp so if you turn off the code, it will add that amount of experience before it shuts off completely so you will continue to gain levels until that exp gain gets finished.

Item codes for 1st slot of main pocket 1st slot in main pocket 99 of item code 99A16A27 C4AC Now we begin the long list of item codes for the first slot. DE E12 ???????? AA 88DAE ???????? A CE 0F0???????? If you already have the pokenav, use the 3rd one Remember : cheating is bad : PARA1. But anyway, there is nothing in that dark : PARA1. E1E 10EE6A25 ????????